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Ashburn Bicycle Repair, we bring the bike shop to you!


We can handle most bicycle issues with just one visit. Please note the minimum appearance fee of $89, which is equal to our least expensive tune-up service, the Bronze Service.

For repairs not shown below, our shop rate is $99 per hour. The following list doesn’t represent all we do, but it’s fairly comprehensive and frequently updated.  If there’s a service you’d like but don’t see, feel free to email or call and we’ll do our best to provide an estimate before we arrive.

  • Minimum service fee: $89
  • Ashburn Trip Fee: $0
  • The Trip Fee for non-Ashburn communities can be found here.

    Bicycle Build Fees

    All bicycle-builds include assembly, full-bike tune-up, and safety check.

    • Assemble new bicycle from box.  $99
    • Tandem bicycle.  $199
    • Electric bicycle.  $245
    • Adult trike.  $269 (+$60 if electric)
    • Frame-Up build (mechanical rim brakes & shifting, external cable routing).  $295
    • Aerobar trim (per bar).  +$10
    • Steerer tube trim.  +$20
    • Seatpost trim.  +20
    • Aerobar assembly.  +$45
    • Internal cable routing.  +$45
    • Disc brakes. +$45
    • Fenders. +$45
    • Hydraulic brakes (empty or breached lines that require bleeding, per line).  +$45
    • Electronic shifting.  +$65

    Bicycle Build Fees (City Grounds inquiries)

    ‘Bike Check’

    • Bicycle evaluation fee, applied toward repair cost if you’d like to move forward with the bike repair. $30


    • Brake adjustment, pad alignment and cable adjustment (per wheel). $15
    • Brake pad installation, includes pad alignment (per wheel). $20
    • Disc brake rotor truing, per rotor. $10
    • Hydraulic brake bleed service (per wheel), piston cleaning and re-setting; available for Hayes, Magura, Shimano, Tektro, TRP brakes, $45 per wheel.

    DOT-fluid brake bleed service, which is common with SRAM’s hydraulic brake systems, $100 for the first wheel ($50 for the second wheel).  Full disclosure regarding DOT brake-bleed service, we’re happy to bleed these brakes, but this is not well-suited for our mobile operation, particularly with regard to not-Earth-friendly DOT-fluid and the need for a well-ventilated area; a pick-up and drop-off may be required. Another note on DOT hydraulic fluid, it’s hygroscopic, which means it absorbs water when in the presence of water (e.g., humidity). And water will eventually find its way into your hydraulic brake set-up through micro-pores throughout the ‘closed’ system’s lines and seals. Why’s that bad? Water lowers the boiling point of the DOT fluid, which degrades braking performance, which is one of the reasons regular hydraulic bleeding service is recommended. Also, for the same hygroscopic reason, once a DOT fluid container is opened, it cannot be stored as water/humidity will find its way into an unsealed DOT container, which will quickly render that fluid to a not-well status. Hence, a new bottle of DOT fluid is needed for each DOT bleed service. On a related note, Mineral Oil, the friendlier hydraulic brake alternative, has a slightly lower boiling point than (non-water-contaminated) DOT fluid, which some will point to as an advantage of DOT fluid. Mineral Oil is also often more expensive than DOT fluid, another flag-waving point for DOT-fluid enthusiasts.

    Brompton Folding Bicycle Services:

    • Hailed by many as the best available folding bike in terms of portability, extended wheelbase, design, and handcrafted-in-London-label. The Rolls-Royce of folding bikes. We plead guilty to owning, riding, traveling-with, and partaking in a number of Brompton-upgrades. The following services are a sampling of the more popular upgrades. Additional Brompton modification requests are warmly welcomed.
    • Hand laced Brompton front wheel upgrade. Phil Wood Brompton hub paired with a Velocity Dyad rim and 13-guage stainless steel Sapim spokes and brass nipples: $295 (price includes parts and labor)
    • Hand laced Brompton rear wheel upgrade.  In most cases, the existing Brompton hub (e.g., Sturmey Archer) is matched to a Velocity Dyad rim with 13-guage stainless steel Sapim spokes and brass nipples: $195 (price includes parts and labor).
    • MKS Promenade “Ezy” pedal upgrade.  Removal of stock Brompton pedals, installation of MKS quick-release pedals (color in silver or black), installation of MKS pedal holster at rear axle. $140 (cost includes MKS pedals, pedal holster, and labor).
    • Chris King headset upgrade. Removal of Brompton headset and installation of Chris King GripNut headset (variety of colors). $275 (price includes headset and labor).
    • Phil Wood Brompton bottom bracket upgrade. $295 (price includes Phil Wood bottom bracket and labor).

    Cables and Housing:

    • Shimano/SRAM stainless steel shift / brake cable. $5 each.
    • Shimano/SRAM cable housing for rear derailleur or rear brake. $8, each.
    • Shimano/SRAM cable housing for front derailleur or front brake. $5, each.
    • Cable installation, external. $20, each.
    • Cable installation, internal. $30, each.
    • Cable housing installation, shift. $15, each.


    • New chain installation (available in 1-, 5-, 6-, 7-, 8-, 9-, 10-, and 11-speed sizes), includes removal of old chain, sizing & installation of new chain, and shifting adjustment following chain-installation. Price does not include cost of new replacement chain.  $65


    • Cleaning, for the purpose of removing excessive dirt/mud. $20

    Computers and GPS:

    • Computer (wired) installation. $30
    • Computer (wireless) installation. $20


      • Crank-arm thread repair/chasing (per crank-arm). $25
      • Crank arm (aluminum, left side, square taper) & crank arm installation. $75
      • Crankset labor installation, which includes removal of old crankset (if applicable). $65
      • HeliCoil installation for crank-arm (procedure used when crank-arm threads cannot be re-tapped), per crank-arm:  $95

      Drivetrain (bottom bracket, cassette/freewheel, derailleurs, shifters)

      • Bottom bracket adjustment to correct loose bearing(s). $30
      • Bottom bracket rebuild (plus cost of new loose bearings/cartridges). $70
      • Bottom bracket removal & installation of new bottom bracket (plus parts). $65
      • Cable housing replacement, per brake/derailleur cable. $15
      • Cable replacement (brake or derailleur), per stainless steel cable; includes brake/derailleur adjustment. $20
      • Cassette removal/installation. $25
      • Derailleur hanger alignment & rear-derailleur/shifter adjustment. $35
      • Derailleur hangers (we stock the 50 most common hangers). $20-$40
      • Derailleur hanger installation; includes removal of old hanger and rear shifting adjustment. $30
      • Derailleur hanger “saver,” when threads are stripped and HeliCoil is not preferred. $50
      • Derailleur installation, includes removal and re-installation of chain (front or rear). $40
      • Drivetrain cleaning and lubrication (chain and derailleur(s)). $20
      • Freewheel removal and replacement with new freewheel. $45
      • HeliCoil installation for rear derailleur hanger (procedure used when the derailleur-hanger threads in frame are stripped), includes rear shifting adjustment. $65
      • Shifting adjustment; includes set cable tension, limit screws, and barrel adjuster, front or rear. $20

      Fitting Services:

      Ashburn Bicycle Repair is proudly partnered with SportFit Lab in Herndon, Virginia, for all professional bike-fit services.

      Fork, Frame, Handlebar, Seatpost:

      • Dropouts alignment on steel frame/fork (front or rear). $30
      • Handlebar alignment. $5
      • Handlebar tape installation (bar tape available for an additional fee). $20
      • Kickstand shortening: $10
      • Tap and face bottom bracket shell. $75
      • Tap and face headtube shell. $75
        • Seatpost tube shortening. $20
        • Steering tube shortening with headset adjustment. $40
        • Widen diameter of seatpost or handlebar through knurl-machining. $30.


        • Headset adjustment. $20
        • Headset installation. $40
        • Headset installation, including removal of old headset. $60
        • Headset disassembly, cleaning, overhaul, and rebuild. $45
        • Headset disassembly parts, individual grade-5 loose bearings. $2
        • Headset disassembly parts, individual bearing retainers. $15
        • Headset disassembly parts, individual sealed cartridge bearings. $30
        • Headset spacer installation, includes headset alignment. $20
        • Headset spacer installation, parts. Individual alloy spacers. $4
        • Headset spacer installation, parts. Individual carbon spacers. $9
        • Chris King headset service, clean/flush/lubrication of cartridge bearings. $70

        Pedals and Cleats:

        • Cleat installation. $20
          • New platform pedals and new-pedal installation, includes removal of old pedals. $60
          • Pedal installation; removal of old pedals, cleaning of crank-arm threads, grease application, and installation of new pedals. $20
          • Pedal threads cleaned with aluminum shards removed, crank-arm re-tapped (per pedal). $35
          • Pedal rebuild for Crank Brothers pedals; includes rebuild kit. $65


          • Non-electric bike: $200, which includes partial disassembly for shipping, bike box, heavy duty zip ties, pipe insulation, full-box strapping, and delivery to shipper. Plus actual shipping cost via BikeFlights.
          • Electric bike: $250, which includes partial disassembly for shipping. Original bike box from customer required. Incudes heavy duty zip ties, pipe insulation, full-box strapping, and delivery to shipper. We’re certified to ship electric bikes with lithium ion batteries, which are considered a hazardous material, via BikeFlights.

          Tire, Wheel, and Hub:

          • Axle removal and replacement (plus cost of axle). $65
          • Chris King front hub service, full disassembly and rebuild. $80
          • Chris King rear hub service, full disassembly and rebuild. $95
          • DT Swiss rear hub service, full disassembly and rebuild. $85
          • Shimano rear hub service, full disassembly and rebuild. $70
          • Flat tire repair, includes tube. $25
          • Hub adjustment, standard hub, per hub. $25
          • Hub (front) rebuild, per wheel. $60
          • Hub (front or rear) rebuild parts, individual ball bearings, 25-grade. $1
          • Hub (front of rear) rebuild parts, bearings and bearing retainer cage, 300-grade. ($8, each).
          • Hub (front or rear) rebuild parts, Enduro ABEC-3 sealed cartridge bearing. ($20, each).
          • Nipples, alloy or brass, 12, 13, 14, or 15 gauge. 25 cents per nipple.
          • Spoke replacement, includes a single stainless steel spoke and brass nipple. $65 (additional spokes, same wheel, $10).
          • Tubeless tire set-up, includes Stan’s sealant. $60 per tire (does not include tape/stems).
          • Wheel truing with wheel on bike (per wheel). $20
          • Wheel truing with wheel taken off bike; includes later and radial truing, dish, and spoke-tension adjustment (per wheel). $40


          • Rush Job. When you really need to go to the front of the line. $100