Brompton C Line Mid Bar 6-Speed with Dynamo Lighting, Fire Coral

Brompton C Line Mid Bar 6-Speed with Dynamo Lighting, Fire Coral

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2022 Brompton C Line Mid-Height Handlebar, 6 Speeds in Fire Coral with Dynamo Lighting  

Formerly known as the M6L model.

Experience the freedom a Brompton folding bike brings you, moving in and around the city. Perfect for an any-moment get-away. Bring along your Brompton on a plane, train, boat, or car. Thanks to its compact size and quick-fold design (the world record for the fastest Brompton fold, incidentally, is 5 seconds), the Brompton bike is welcomed at most places and venues.

This model also features Dynamo lighting, which powers the front and rear lights from the hub. This is combined with a stand-light function to maintain power when stationary, meaning there is no charging required. Why a stand-light function? When it's dark and you stop the bike (e.g., at a stop light or crosswalk), the lights remain powered for several moments, which means you can still be seen even though the bike isn't moving and generating power to the lights.

This bike boasts a full range of 6 gears covering all riding needs, great for hilly areas. The included mudguards are a perfect option for those unexpected moments of rain. Also included, a front carrier block used for attaching a variety of Brompton luggage options.

Available for an addition fee, the Brompton official toolkit, engineered to fit inside the Brompton frame.'

As a friendly reminder, all Brompton sales are limited to the United States for personal use, resales are not permitted, and exports are prohibited.

Price includes pre-shipment assembly, tuneup, safety check, and double-box shipping to you. What's double-box shipping? The original Brompton box is packed inside *another* slightly larger box. This shipping method provides supplemental protection and offers a bit of security as the outer box is unbranded. In other words, your Brompton won't be delivered in a box that advertises, Expensive Brompton In This Box!

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