Moulton cone

Moulton cone



Anticipated Delivery, February 2020.

The Moulton CONE is a celebration of sixty years of Alex Moulton’s rubber cone spring design. Features include brushed finish stainless-steel dropouts front and rear, an upholstered leather saddle, perforated leather ergonomic grips, Moulton alloy mudguards and the Moulton CONE decal on the seat tube.

The Moulton CONE has all the essential Moulton features – small wheels and full suspension for comfort and road-holding, stiff open frame for unisex use, a range of luggage options and a space-frame that separates in less than a minute for ease of stowage and transportation.


Wheel Size: 20″
Frame: Fillet-brazed multi-tube space-frame construction in Columbus Spirit and Reynolds 525 CrMo steels. Hairpin construction. Brushed stainless steel dropouts.
Fork: TIG-welded CrMo fork with hand-brazed floating stirrup. Brushed stainless steel dropouts.
Front Suspension: Moulton Leading Link
Rear Suspension: Moulton Monosphere
Separability: Separates into two halves via removal of a centre kingpin
Frame Finish: Powder coat
Front Carrier: Fits optional Moulton Front Pannier Carrier
Rear Carrier: Fits optional Moulton TSR Rear Day Bag Carrier or Moulton TSR Rear Luggage Carrier
Options: Bottle cage.