Gocycle GX

Gocycle GX




The fast folder. Tucks away into its folded position in seconds. Perfect for bringing aboard subways and buses and packing into the car, apartment, or house at a moment’s notice. Lightweight, agile, and stowable. Up to 40 miles of pedal-assist riding and speeds up to 20 mph. Hydraulic disc brakes. 7-hour battery charge-time rated at 13.7 Ah, 22 V, and approx 300 W.

The GX provides up to 40 miles of pedal-assist riding with its 500-watt front hub motor and fully encased drivetrain and integrated battery.

Differences from the Gocycle GS?

First, the Fast Fold technology, which takes seconds to accomplish. Perfect for commuters with the need to frequently fold-and-unfold. Also perfect for those who appreciate a super-fast folding electric bike. Other differences: a more powerful battery at 13.7 amp hours, handlebar with integrated battery-charge-status, aluminum frame, quick-removable battery, fixed 6-bolt Pitstopwheels, and wider color selection.

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