36 Sapim Leader 14-gauge stainless steel spokes with matching brass nipples. For 12-, 13- and 15-gauge spokes, double-butted spokes, bladed spokes, lots of nipple-color options, and more, please visit our custom length spoke site, Sunny Spokes.



For a set of 36 custom length 14-gauge Sapim Leader spokes with matching brass Sapim 16mm-long nipples, here you go!  Select any length from 80mm to 308mm.

Free shipping.

We Have Lots More Spokes, Too!  Our custom length spoke business was getting to be a bit much for this site, so we created a dedicated custom spoke length site at sunnyspokes.com

If you’re interested in other quantities, different spokes, colors, gauges (12-gauge, 13-gauge, and 15-gauge), brands (Sapim, DT Swiss, Phil Wood, Pillar offerings, and/or Wheelsmith), please visit Sunny Spokes.

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LOTS of Spoke Colors/Brands/Gauges Available Through SunnySpokes.com:

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