Brompton – under 20 lbs

Brompton – under 20 lbs


Brompton’s super-light bike with titanium “extremities” (front fork and rear triangle).

A demonstration bike, available to test ride. A Brompton under 20 pounds?!  YES!

S2E-X Superlight in House Red.

S-type popular handlebar.

Two speeds.

Without mudguards.

We decided to have some fun with this demonstration bike. For those Brompton fans who’d like their bike to be “just a little bit lighter,” this two-speed Brompton is a smidge *under* 20 pounds.  19 pounds, 11 ounces, to be specific. That’s the rideable weight, with pedals.

Here’s how we did it:

Custom Velocity Dyad wheels paired with Hubsmith front and rear hubs, Sapim “Strong” single-butted spokes, and Sapim red alloy nipples.

Schwalbe Kojak tires.

Ti Parts Workshop titanium seatpost.

Titanium bottom bracket.

NOV Designs chain tensioner.

Titanium handlebar catch and frame hook.

Titanium handlebar catch.

Titanium E-type hook (to hold the Brompton into its folded position).

Titanium bolts at the stem, handlebar, rear-suspension, handlebar catch.

Quick-release MKS-Ezy titanium pedals.

Interested in lightening your Brompton?  Call/text 571-293-0689 or send us a message.