Brompton – H6L Dynamo Lighting

Brompton – H6L Dynamo Lighting


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H6L, in Tempest Blue

H-Type (slightly raised) handlebar.

Six speeds.

Shutter Precision Dynamo Front Hub for front and rear lighting.


Weight is 26.5 pounds.

An H6L in Tempest Blue. The ultimate in comfortable commuting. Equipped with a slightly higher profile H-type handlebar, Brompton’s slightly wider saddle, 6 speeds, mudguards, and a Shutter Precision dynamo hub that powers front and rear lights.

The dynamo-powered lighting includes a capacitor. What’s that? A capacitor stores power, which enables your lights to remain on for up to several minutes, even after you’ve come to a stop. Why’s that important? Many dynamo hubs stop producing light when forward motion stops. But if it’s dark and you’ve come to a red light, it’s still important to see – and more importantly – to be seen. With the Shutter Precision dynamo hub on this Brompton, the front and rear lights remain powered, providing visibility to both you and those around you.


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