Brompton – chpt3-v3

Brompton – chpt3-v3


2020 CHPT3-v3

It’s OFFICIAL! The 2020 CHPT3-v-3 has been released!

The 2020 CHPT3-v3 is similar to the 2019 v-2. Both versions are based on the S6E platform with titanium extremities, a flat-bar 6-speed, with no mudguards. New for the v-3, an updated sleek color scheme and a CHPT3 sling-bag, designed by David Millar. Other changes, too. See below for the Brompton CHPT3-v3 specifications.

The good news, the long wait is over. The v-3 is here. Delivery times for most Brompton dealers in the United States are anticipated for October and November 2020. A Covid-related shipping delay is always possible. To emphasize, although the v-3 has been “released,” the actual delivery may not occur until October or November (or longer).

The bad news: Unfortunately, the chances of securing a 2020 CHPT3-v3 through Ashburn Bicycle Repair, and likely lots of Brompton dealers here in the U.S., are slim. At the present time, the demand is incredibly high and the supply is dreadfully low. How low? Perhaps as few as only two 2020 CHPT3’s per each Brompton dealer in the United States. It’s possible that some U.S. Brompton dealers will not have any access to the v-3.

2020 CHPT3-v3 questions and answers:

Is there a limited supply of 2020 CHPT3-v3 models? 

Yes, extraordinarily limited.

Is it possible to pre-order a CHPT3-v3?


When will Ashburn Bicycle Repair take delivery of the 2020 CHPT3-v3?

We hope by November. As is always the case with our shop, nothing is a guarantee until bikes have actually been received and inspected. Our *total* order for the CHPT3 appears to be 2 (two) bikes.

Did you say there will only be a total of two CHPT3-v3 bikes available through Ashburn Bicycle Repair?!

Yes, that’s our hope.

What is the price of the 2020 CHPT3-v3?

Not yet determined.

Will additional 2020 v-3’s be made available?

Based on what we know at the present time, anything is possible, but it doesn’t appear likely.

Can any Brompton, including the CHPT3-v3, be purchased for the purpose of resale?


Can any Brompton, including the CHPT3-v3, be purchased in the United States, then exported?


Should I assume I can purchase a 2020 CHPT3-v3 through Ashburn Bicycle Repair?

As much as this hurts to say, no. Please do not assume you’ll be able to purchase a v-3 through our shop. At this time, given the extreme limited supply, chances are much more likely that you will not be able to purchase a v3 through our shop.

If I can’t purchase a v3 through Ashburn Bicycle Repair, where else can I go?

Here in the United States, there are approximately 120 Brompton dealers. Visit Brompton’s dealer locator, here.

I REALLY want a CHPT3-v3! Are there any other options?

Yes! Never a crisis, only an opportunity! It’s always possible to re-create your very own CHPT3, using the exact same Brompton parts and pieces through a custom-ordered S6E with titanium extremities. Will it look like a CHPT3? No. Will it be an incredibly interesting Brompton with the exact same ride-capabilities? We believe that’s a yes, an unqualified yes.

What might be a great way of creating my own version of the CHPT3?

We suggest an S6E in Gloss Black Lacquer with raw titanium extremities and Schwalbe One tanwall tires. Or, for a more pronounced, darker look, pair this S6E with Schwalble Kojak tires. We’re not yet able to order Bromptons in Gloss Black Lacquer, but when we can, we plan to order this terrific CHPT3 alternative.

Full Technical Specifications for the 2020 CHPT3-v3:

Handlebar type, S type (925mm)

Gears, 6-speeds

Rear Frame, E type (no mudguards, no rack)

Gear Ratio, Standard

Suspension Block, Extra Firm

Frame Material, Steel and Titanium

Main Frame Colors, CHPT3 Lunar Grey mainframe, CHPT3 Fire Red front frame

Extremities Colors, Textured Black superlight extremeties, CHPT3 Barrivell print decals

Saddle, Brompton CHPT3 saddle – Titanium Rails, CHPT3 Print, Fire Red under-nose hand-hold

Seatpost, Standard, Extended or Telescopic seat-post in black

Lighting, Reflectors Only

Tires, Schwalbe One 35-349

Folded dimensions, 565mm high x 585mm long x 270mm wide (22.2″ x 23″ x 10.6″)

Weight, 10.3 kg approx. (22.7 lbs approx.)