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The legendary hand-crafted, full-suspension, small-wheeled travel bicycles from England.

Ashburn Bicycle Repair, an authorized Moulton Bicycle dealer, with in-stock Moultons (February 2020) available for hands-on test riding.

History of the famous Moulton Bicycle:

The original Moulton Bicycle was launched in 1962 at the Earls Court Cycle Show (London, England), as a revolutionary fresh take on the classic bicycle. It soon became an icon of the swinging 60s seen as a fashionable mini-bike to go with mini-skirts and mini cars. Alex Moulton had originally interested Raleigh in manufacturing the Moulton bicycle. However, negotiations ended without an agreement and an independent Moulton Bicycles Ltd was launched and a bicycle factory in Bradford-on-Avon was built soon thereafter. Reaction to the new bicycle was so positive that Alex immediately ordered the factory to be doubled in size. Even that proved woefully inadequate to meet demand and a second manufacturing operation was established at Fisher & Ludlow, a subsidiary of the British Motor Corporation. Within a year, Moulton Bicycles became the second-largest frame builder in the country (after Raleigh).