Montague folding bike review

As an official Montague bicycle dealer, full disclosure, we do have a dog in this fight.

Montague bikes are full-sized folding bikes.  But most importantly, this full-sized folder is not a gimmick.  Similarly, it’s not a rickety ‘regular’ bike that also happens to fold.  Consequently, these bikes are super solid.  As a result, you quickly forget you’re on a bike that, indeed, folds.  A spring-loaded, double-secure quick-release latch locks the frame into position.


Montague’s Olympic and Military Histories:


In 1996, Montague was named the Official Mountain Bike of the 1996 Summer Olympic Games.  In 1997, the company was asked by the government to develop a portable bike with a fast-fold capability for Paratroopers.  Hence, the Paratrooper, Montague’s Military Mountain Bike.


Present-Day Bikes


During the past 30 years, Montague refined their line of quality full-size folding bikes.  The original Paratrooper remains a popular choice.  Joining the Paratrooper, Montague offers six additional road- and hybrid-style bikes.



Montague’s answer to the classic urban single-speed bike.  $699.95



A terrific cruiser bike with 7 speeds that offers an upright riding position.  $659.95



21 speeds with 35mm tires and Montague’s award-winning rear rack, the “RackStand.”  $749.95



27 speeds, mechanical disc brakes, 35mm tires, and the Rackstand.  It’s therefore one of Montague’s most popular pavement bikes.  Available for a test-ride, today, at Ashburn Bicycle Repair.  $959



Even more speeds, this one, with 30.  With more speeds, even more speed with a lightweight carbon fork.  Hence, disc brakes result with improved stopping power.  $1,295



Hold onto your socks!  A favorite Montague bike!  Hydraulic disc brakes and a maintenance-free Gates belt drive.  Those top-shelf components are mated to Shimano’s Alfine 11-speed internal hub.  Topping it off, crisp trigger shifters allow for smooth, effortless shifting.  $1,895



Montague’s Mountain Bikes


The Paratrooper, where it all began.  The Paratrooper Express, the Paratrooper Pro, the Paratrooper Highline, and the Paratrooper Elite complement the original Paratrooper model.



Where it all started!  The Paratrooper was developed under a grant from DARPA to allow airborne soldiers to drop out of airplanes and into combat.  Equipped with 24 speeds, mechanical disc brakes, front suspension fork, and RackStand.  $895


Paratrooper Express

A light trail bike with 18 speeds, rim brakes, and front suspension by Suntour.  $635



Paratrooper Pro

Tackle the toughest terrain with 27 speeds and 100mm of suspension travel.  Or, utilize the fork-lockout function and versatile tire tread for hard-packed trails and paved roads.  The Paratrooper Pro, a folding mountain bike that builds on Montague’s classic Paratrooper, but with upgraded components.  $995


Paratrooper Highline

The Paratrooper Highline is a rugged folding mountain bike built for true cross-country riding.  The Highline’s 27.5″ wheels provide superior rolling ability over obstacles and rough terrain.  The top-shelf Rockshox fork and hydraulic disc brakes bring satisfaction to even the most discerning trail riders.  $1,245


Paratrooper Elite

The filet of the Paratrooper line.  The Elite is the highest performance folding mountain bike in the world, an aggressive hard tail built for technical single track.  27.5-inch wheels mated to Shimano’s XT drivetrain, Shimano XT hydraulic disc brakes, and Rockshox Reba suspension fork.  Unsurpassed performance, never before seen from a folding bike.  $2499