handbuilt wheels

Handbuilt Wheels: $200, plus cost of components.

Have your wheels laced and spec’ed your way! Choose from Chris King, DT Swiss, HED, Mavic, Phil Wood, Sapim, Stan’s, Velocity, and more. Your wheels will be laterally and radially trued, dished, and tension balanced to higher-than-industry standards. Spokes are cut and threaded, to precision, on our Phil Wood spoke machine.

“Why custom wheels when I can buy awesome wheels off-the-shelf at pretty great prices?”

The variety and quality of top-shelf wheel systems, assembled by super-legitimate companies, are almost too numerous to count.  We love and use many of those wheels, and we’ll continue to do so.

Having said that, many factory wheelsets, understandably, strive to serve as many people as possible, often with a limited set of spoke, hub, and rim combinations.  Colors?  Any color you want, as long as it’s the one they picked.

Handbuilt wheels can come in just about any spoke, hub, or rim combination.  Hub and nipple colors?  Matte punch?  Mango?  Turquoise?  Or just classic red or blue?  You pick.

More important than the freedom to select your preferred components, your handbuilt wheels are created from the finest available equipment, including our DT Swiss truing stand, Sapim’s tension meter, Efficient Velo Tool’s trigger dish tool, Bringheli’s wheel lacing jig, and Phil Wood’s spoke cutting and threading machine.  Taken together, these precision tools enable your custom handbuilt wheels to exceed, and often far exceed, the specifications of machine-built wheels.

We stand behind every wheel we make, which also means free lifetime truings.