Bromptons shipped to Indonesia?

This is a huge no-no.

Although Ashburn Bicycle Repair has always limited its sales to domestic-US locations, Brompton straw purchases are reportedly on the rise. What’s that? A purchase of a Brompton by a buyer in the United States who intends to ship that bike elsewhere, in this case Indonesia.

Why the fuss?

Indonesia requires an Indonesia National Standard Certificate (SNI) for all bikes ordered from Brompton by official dealers in Indonesia. A bike purchased in the United States, then transported by the buyer to Indonesia, will not have the required SNI Certificate. That certificate verifies that all duties, taxes, and customs clearance fees have been paid. With no such certificate, Indonesia local authorities may legally confiscate and destroy that bicycle.

We’re incredibly grateful for your interest, but we’re unable to sell a Brompton if the intent is to ship that bike to Indonesia. Ashburn Bicycle Repair has taken a firm stance on such purchases.

If you’d like a Brompton with a final destination of Indonesia, we get that taxes are expensive. But, please, it’s not worth it. Ride a Brompton with the unfettered joy it deserves, not with the feeling of wondering if your bike will be confiscated and destroyed for lack of an SNI Certificate.

Adding to this, if you’re here in the United States, if there’s a local Brompton dealer near you, we continue to recommend shopping local. Terrific Brompton dealers are located throughout the United States.