Bike Friday



Ashburn Bicycle Repair is proudly partnered with Bike Friday, the creator of the world’s first ‘suitcase’ travel bicycle.  Bike Friday is the ‘American Brompton’ as the only US-based manufacturer of folding, small-wheeled bikes.  All Bike Friday bicycles are hand-crafted in Eugene, Oregon.  The company was co-founded in 1992 by brothers Alan and Hanz Scholz, and employs just under 30 people.

Bike Friday specializes in 20″-wheeled bicycles, many of which can accommodate loads and riders up to 330 pounds with tires up to 2″ wide.  Those capabilities enable Bike Friday to offer a unique, heavy-duty travel-bike option not available elsewhere.  In addition to those one-of-a-kind folders, Bike Friday also offers lightweight performance road, commuter, and tandem bikes.  As with all wonderful-things-bicycle, please keep in mind that all Bike Friday bikes are semi- or fully-customized.  That generally means an 8 to 10 week delivery from the date of purchase.

Need a Bike Friday NOW!  You’re in luck!  An available hands-on Bike Friday (Diamond Llama Disc 24 model) can be purchased, today, through Ashburn Bicycle Repair.  Bike Friday pricing includes free deliver (to Ashburn), assembly, new-bike tune-up, and safety check.  To initiate your own custom-ordered Bike Friday folding bike, please feel free to contact us at your convenience.