Brompton folding bikes

Regarded by many as one of the best folding bikes in the world, Brompton Folding Bikes are hand-made, one at a time, at their factory in London.  They’re not only ultra-compact, which makes them perfect for bringing indoors, on a train, on a plane, even a boat, but a Brompton Folding Bike has one of the longest extended folding-bike wheelbases.  What’s that mean?  It’s one of the most comfortable bike rides of any folding bike – or for that matter, any bike.  Best of all, it folds-down within 20 seconds into a very compact (roughly 24″ x 24″ x 12″) shape.

With millions of different of available configuration possibilities (16,982,784 to be exact), chances are there’s a special Brompton Folding Bike waiting for you.


Test Ride a Brompton Folding Bike


While the color and accessory options are nearly infinite, selecting your Brompton begins with a much more manageable choice.  Which of the four Brompton Folding Bike handlebar configurations is best for you?  There’s the S-type that offers a more sporty, dare we say aero, riding position.  Then there’s the M-type bar, the traditional and most popular of all Brompton handlebars that offers a slightly upright position.  Next, the H-type bar, preferred by many taller riders or riders that prefer an even more upright style of riding.  Quick aside, the classic P-type bar, which offers a variety of hand positions often desired by those who tour (pick your country) by Brompton, was discontinued in May 2019.


Brompton Colors (2021)


Black Lacquer 




Cloud Blue


House Red


Racing Green


Signal Orange


Tempest Blue


Brompton Handlebar Types


Next, how many gears would you like? Brompton Folding Bikes may be configured in 1-, 2-, 3-, or 6-speeds.  Not many hills in your riding, keep it simple with one or two speeds.  Lots of hills?  Perhaps better to opt for a Brompton with three or six speeds.


Speed Options


Ashburn Bicycle Repair offers a variety of in-stock demonstration Bromptons in each of the four bar styles: the S, M, H, and P configurations.  We also carry Bromptons in a variety of colors, with mud guards (known as the “L” style), without mud guards (“E” style), or with a rack (“R” style).


Buy a Brompton Foldking Bike


We carry a number of in-stock Bromptons Folding Bikes both here in Ashburn as well as a warehouse facility.  Want a different Brompton?  Build your own here.  After building your bike through Brompton’s website, “save” the bike, which will required the creation of an account with an email address and password, at which time you should see a “code” that’s specific to the bike you just built.  That code will have lots of numbers and looks like this: “19-18417306709” and will appear on the Brompton site in a box that looks like this:

Email that code to Ashburn Bicycle Repair and we’ll get that ordered within a day, often the same day.  Before a custom Brompton can be ordered, please be sure to submit the $1,000 deposit.  Any questions?  If so, email or call 571-293-0689, any time.  Keep in mind that custom Bromptons typically take eight weeks to arrive.  Please also keep in mind, it’s worth the wait!

Not in the Washington, DC, area?  Shipping is available to most areas of the United States for about $75